Medical Offerings

Please read carefully and fill out the contact form below, along with the name of whichever offering suits you!

Postpartum/Afterbirth Hair Care

This option is for new moms or any mom that has given birth. It helps you to know that giving birth doesn’t change anything about you. You do not have to sit in the house and throw yourself away. Postpartum can be hard. It can be the very worse, but we’re here to help. You ARE beautiful. You can’t get around to hair appointments and pampering just yet, but we’ll make sure your wig looks the very best. This discount gives you the options to only purchase our hair, and get a wig made completely FREE! To be eligible, you must show that you gave birth within 90 days. This is only for one wig.

Cancer Hair Care

This option is specifically for our Cancer Warriors. We offer you a FREE unit, handpicked by us. This is only eligible once. After this discount is applied, you have a lifetime service of purchasing our hair ONLY and getting your wigs made FREE. You are limited to three wigs a year.

Alopecia Hair Care

This option is for beautiful alopecia customers. We offer you a 20% discount once every 6 months or twice a year off our hair bundles or wigs.